Padding & Underlayments

The World's Best Selling Non-Slip Underlay!

Protects the finest rugs from slipping!

▪ WunderGRIP for use between rugs and hard surfaces; holds rugs firmly in place, prevents dangerous slipping.

▪ WunderGRIP will not stain or damage floors or rugs.

▪ WunderGRIP's thousands of little shock -absorber/grippers (3600 per square foot) absorb the impact of footsteps, yet they give firm support so that your rug is not stretched or pulled in any way.

▪ WunderGRIP's shock absorber/grippers keep your rug free of damaging wrinkles adding beauty with smooth tailored look.

▪ WunderGRIP is washable.

▪ WunderGRIP's open construction makes vacuuming easier and allows more wear-causing dirt to be pulled out of the rug. This construction also protects your rug from possible mildew damage.

▪ WunderGRIP technology cushions rugs without thickness, eliminating unsightly "shoulders" around the edge.

▪ 20 Year Guarantee: WunderGRIP will retain its non-slip properties for at least 20 years. If not, it will be replaced at absolutely no charge with proof of purchase.

Here's How to Install...

WunderGRIP should be extended to with in two inches of the edge of your rug.

Then place your rug in the desired location and roll it up; put the WunderGRIP in position, with the flat side next to the floor, and roll the rug back over the WunderGRIP. It's just that simple.

WunderGRIP is made by the world's largest maker of rug underlays. It will add years of enjoyment to your rug and protect you and your family from a slipping of wrinkling rug.

Available in ALL sizes

Newly refinished floors should cure at least 3 weeks prior to installation.

Workmanship Guarantee

Our company offers a 100% guarantee of our workmanship for all of our services. At the Aras Rug Company, all work is performed following industry standards by trained and certified technicians. So be at ease with your fine fabrics in our hands - we accept the complete responsibility of providing you with quality service and we guarantee it.
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