Wall to Wall Carpet

Aras Rug & Carpet Cleaning has the expertise and experience to clean today's unique fibers safely. Our methods involve high velocity vacuum systems which open the fibers allowing the release of soil and the restoration of matted areas. We then use a unique self-neutralizing method of steam-extraction that penetrates deeply, lifting soil directly to our trucks. This method leaves fibers residue free to reduce future soiling. We specially treat high-traffic, heavily soiled areas and spots Our formulations are gentle, safe and through. In addition we offer a number of soil and stain resistant treatments that will protect your carpets and furniture keeping them cleaner longer.

Aras Rug Company uses the Butler System to clean your carpet and upholstery. The Butler System is the #1 van-powered cleaning system.

Workmanship Guarantee

Our company offers a 100% guarantee of our workmanship for all of our services. At the Aras Rug Company, all work is performed following industry standards by trained and certified technicians. So be at ease with your fine fabrics in our hands - we accept the complete responsibility of providing you with quality service and we guarantee it.
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