You are both a magician and a craftsman of the highest caliber. I took my large antique oriental rug to you, bedraggled and badly damaged through years of wear, and you returned to me a jewel. I cannot locate where the worn spots were, even on my hands and knees. The restoration is amazing. You are amazing. It gives me such pleasure to walk down the stairs and see the rug on the living room floor. It is gorgeous. Thank you!

We are very pleased with the repair to the rug. Patti and I were amazed by your work not knowing much about this and what to expect. Many hours with much care were expended I am sure. We just want you to know our feelings. Whoever did this work is a true craftsman. Kind regards.

Aras Rug picked up. cleaned and delivered three of my oriental rugs (two large, one small) and I love how perfect they turned out. I highly recommend Aras Rug - great service at a great price.

Dear Jane,
Thanks for everything! The rugs look great!
Mary Ann

Thank you for so diligently working on my rug. I plan to replace it soon with one more appropriate for the kitchen. I hope you will guide me to the right rug. Thank you.

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