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Aras Rugs Services in Wayne, Pa 19087

In-Plant Rug Cleaning and Restoration

Unlike many rug cleaning companies, we do all our work in our very own cleaning plant. You can be assured that your precious rugs will never leave our state of the art facility. We eagerly await the expression on our customer’s faces when they see what a great job we’ve done with their rugs.

Wall-to-Wall Carpet Cleaning

Wayne’s homes, with their timeless charm, deserve nothing less than meticulous care. Aras Rugs offers wall-to-wall carpet cleaning services that go beyond the surface. Our experienced technicians, who are well-versed in the unique characteristics of Wayne’s carpets, use high-velocity vacuum systems and a self-neutralizing steam-extraction method to restore your carpets to their original splendor.

Lug-A-Rug Service

This popular option for area rugs combines cost savings and a faster turnaround cycle when you bring rugs directly to our factory. It is particularly well suited for smaller carpets that can be easily transported in your vehicle. Our friendly staff are available to help you with moving larger goods in and out of your vehicle. Lug-A-Rug allows you to drop your area rugs at our factory at your convenience BUT most importantly saves 20% of the cleaning cost.

Upholstery and Drapery Cleaning

Your home is a canvas of your life, and the upholstery and drapery are the brushstrokes that add character. Aras Rugs makes sure to include them in our care of your home, ensuring that they remain vibrant and fresh. Our specialized upholstery and drapery cleaning services cover a range of materials, from cotton and linen to silk and leather. Each piece is inspected carefully, and the cleaning method is tailored to the unique needs of your fabrics.

Urine Decontamination Wash

We can remove the urine odor from many of your textiles with our decontamination system. We guarantee no chemical and urine odor will remain in your rug. Our beloved pets always seem to choose our favorite rug to have an accident on. Many people don’t realize the damage that is being done until there is a humid day. High humidity in the air from rainfall and high temperatures provides excellent conditions for bacterial growth. The urine odor noticed in the spring is usually old accidents beginning another bacterial cycle. Although recent accidents cannot be completely ruled out, the only guarantee of this odor removal is our decontamination soaking process.

In Wayne Pa 19087, the stories woven into your rugs are not just tales of the past but an ongoing narrative of your present. Aras Rugs invites you to experience a level of care that goes beyond cleaning – it’s a celebration of the stories your home tells.

Entrust your Oriental rug to Aras Rugs, and let’s weave more chapters of your life into its tale.

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