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Pet Damage

Urine Decontamination Wash

For severe urine odor or urine saturated rugs:
We can remove the urine odor from many of your textiles with our decontamination system. We guarantee no chemical and urine odor will remain in your rug. Our beloved pets always seem to choose our favorite rug to have an accident on. Many people don’t realize the damage that is being done until there is a humid day. High humidity in the air from rainfall and high temperatures provides excellent conditions for bacterial growth. The urine odor noticed in the spring is usually old accidents beginning another bacterial cycle. Although recent accidents cannot be completely ruled out, the only guarantee of this odor removal is our decontamination soaking process.

Further inspection at our plant is suggested so that we are able to better determine if your rug is a candidate for this process.

  • We strongly recommend replacement padding (Rug Pad Wizard underlayment)
  • Your floors should be clean coated (polyurethane)