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Moth Damage

If your rugs already show signs of moth infestation or damage, we have a separate moth treatment. Your rugs are sprayed on both sides with Q128®, known as the “Gold Standard of Disinfectant” and is widely used for a wide variety of cleaning purposes and pest control. Once the moths are in the adult stage, they can cause no more harm to your rugs except by laying eggs. Moth eggs are extremely difficult to kill as they can survive in many extreme environments. Fortunately our Q128® is strong enough to kill moth eggs on contact.

Next, your rugs are wrapped up with the Q128® treatment and isolated for weeks at a time to ensure that no moth eggs have survived. After the isolation period has ended, the rugs are unwrapped, thoroughly scrubbed on both sides and rinsed thoroughly. The rugs are then dusted and vacuumed. This treatment has now exterminated and and all moths that were nesting in the rugs.

Typically, moths like quiet, dark areas that are undisturbed for long periods of time. Examples include parts of rugs under beds, chairs and sofas as well as rugs in low-traffic rooms. Rugs that have just been washed typically aren’t at risk of moth re-infestation for 3-6 months because they have been disturbed and are “too clean” for their taste. To prevent further moth problems, simply have your rug treated with Repel® or make sure all areas of your rugs are vacuumed at least once a month.

The good news is that almost all moth damage can be repaired. In many cases the original foundation is intact as many rugs have a cotton foundation which moths do not eat.

Moth Proof Bundles for Long-Term Storage

If you are storing your rugs, we recommend that you have them wrapped in a moth-proof bundle which is guaranteed moth-free for ten years if left unopened. We recommend the rugs be cleaned if they have not been washed in the last two years. The rugs are sprayed on both sides with Repel® and double-wrapped in an airtight seal. Delicate rugs are wrapped on a pole ensuring a safe storage.

Moth-Treatment is imperative if you want to safely guard against insect damage in your wool rugs while in storage or in use.